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netochka nezvanova




nebula_m81 is the first system for autonomous / continuous retrieval and utilization of url data in signal processing listening to data. select components of nebula.m81 are patent applied for.

nebula.m81.0+2 is an interactive environment for the conversion and processing of internet available data into sound and animated image displays. essentially one's audio + image synthesis library has been extended to incorporate any type of data accessible via internet.

in the interest of indulging select tendencies one may if desired also process audio or any other type of data located on a local diskdrive - via autonomous mode or manual mode.

nebula_m81 audio processing functions include - frequency and time domain synthesis and cross/synthesis - granulation / scrubbing audio processes results directly impact on image data output.

starting with update 0+2 nebula m81 autonomous incorporates additional modules and processes.

- the auto processing control module its function is to automatically perform dsp processes.

- auto save module permits the automatic saving of a file to the local disk drive.

- autonomous module its function is to automatically download url data and to place queries with an internet search engine

- granular - region sequencer module may be utilized as a sequential region or granule sequencer

- image generation module its function is to convert the url contents to typically animated image displays. it iterates infinitely or until stopped. .

- scrubbing and dynamic . loop . generation its function is to scrub a soundfile and to optionally place each triggered region in a loop

the majority of processes are stochastic hence operator mind activity is stimulated not by the imposition of decision making - rather by an invitation to observe and analyze data transformations - to be distracted - and ultimately to select. this constitutes true interactivity and is the singularity.

- in nebula.m81.0+2 one may compile a sound and animated image library in one space efficient way - as a list of urls.

most life forms have already accumulated such a library - web browser bookmarks. the url data referenced by this library may be converted to sound and animated image data. nebula.m81.0+2 can access the referenced data stochastically or it may access any urls indicated by the operator. an alternative web browser.

of particular interest is autonomous mode. also referred to as internet binary television mode. it enables a continuous program consisting of sound and image generation from the amalgam of internet available data.

nebula m81 is an interdisciplinary code container [application]. it may be viewed as a sound / image / text synthesis environment or as a distractive / autonomous web browser


netochka nezvanova : curriculum vitae

1993 emerson college - theater performance of becket's - come and go

1995 1 woman show - becoming raging women + 1 bad man - dance theater

1996 graduated from the national shakespeare conservatory - classical theater =cw4t7abs - digital version of netochka nezvanova is instantiated

1997 2 performance pieces - untitled krop3rom||a9ff audio cd released

1998 play - scrutiny my versions 7 audio+graphics+internet software released

1998 pursuing a degree in performance studies at columbia university 8'|sin.x(2^n) audio cd released refused commissions from farmers manual, schoemer-haus, cagliari ea society, ORF kunstradio, deaf-v2 amsterdam. a number of internet protest-presentations against internet korporat fascism

1999 audio+graphics+internet software released "=cw4t7abs net action" at the international festival of computer arts in maribor/slovenia - the festival presents / details =cw4t7abs internet activism and works



_________________ n e b u l a . m 8 1 . 0+2 maschinenkunzt. denmark. europe.

web : http://www.m9ndfukc.com/v0r0m_3k0r

web : http://www.m9ndfukc.org

web : http://www.m9ndfukc.com

email : f1f0@m9ndfukc.com

nebula_m81 is a multi_platform fixed implementation of the usisk system. usisk is the first multithreaded system for parallel retrieval and utilization of url data in signal processing.

listening to data. [http://www.m9ndfukc.org/korporat/=cw4t7abs.3nkod0r..0+2.html] select components of nebula_m81 and usisk system are patent applied for. a paper detailing the usisk operation and implementation is available via usisk@m9ndfukc.com nebula.m81.0+2 is a distractive [please note the keyword] environment for the conversion and processing of internet available data into sound and animated image displays. =cw4t7abs _\- 0f0003..mask!nenkunzt.m9ndfukc.99o. \+\ apres []>

Référence: http://www.gmeb.fr/SoftwareCompetition/Softs99/nebulam81.html